Cheap Baby Cribs – Are They Worth It?

Cheap Baby Cribs

We all know that with parenthood comes the haemorrhage of money. The cost of diapers, equipment, clothes, pumps, formula, co-pays of the bi-monthly doctor appointments, and the rest of the ever long list of expenses can sometimes still raise an eyebrow even with this kept in mind. With that being said, there is certainly no shame in exploring cheap baby cribs as an option in which you can cut costs while still receiving quality, without simply paying for a brand name. If you’ve explored our guide on the best baby cribs and found them to be out of budget then these are the options to explore.

Benefits of Buying an Affordable Crib

Don’t Buy The Name

Nine times out of ten, one often overpays for a crib by paying simply for a brand name. The good news is, your baby won’t notice, and being completely frank, you’re going to be too tired to care if any of your guests notice if your crib is a specific brand. So save yourself the extra hundred dollars by buying essentially the same thing, just with a different name.

Unwanted Accessories

In many occurrences, baby cribs can include other accessories that you may not even need. Some come with a changing table; some come with a matching toy chest. By purchasing a cheap baby crib, the extra and unneeded equipment won’t be taking up space in your home and you’ll have more room to store the eventual pile of toys for your baby that will inevitably end up accumulating.

Saving money

By choosing to shop for cheap baby cribs, you can also enjoy the satisfaction of being able to put away the money that you would be spending on an expensive crib into more important things such as a future college fund, a savings account, or an emergency fund.

How to Choose a Baby Crib That Fits Your Budget

Tip 1 – Let go of the stigma or worry. There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking a cutback on price and purchasing a more simplistic crib that has exactly what you need. As stated a few paragraphs ago, there is no reason why you have to buy anything that you do not need in order to impress anyone else. Any baby crib on the market must pass all criteria in the Juvenile Product Manufacturer’s Association regardless of price or brand, so these are all safe.

Tip 2 – Be realistic about your needs. Are you planning on co-sleeping? Is this for a summer cottage? Is this for a grandparent’s house? Are you planning on moving soon? There are many different possible needs that you may have, and pay attention to each one of them.

What Else do You Need to Know Before Purchasing a Cheap Crib?

New parents definitely need to keep in mind the height of the crib that they’re buying to ensure that they can easily lift and place their child in and out of it with ease. There are plenty of different height requirements and also cribs hat are specially made for shorter or taller parents. Also, know what hardware is included so you can gauge what tools you may or may not need in assembling. Last but not least, pay attention to the small print about what is included and what is not, as it may be the hinging factor on your purchase.

My 3 Favorite Cheap Baby Cribs

3pc Baby Girl Boy Gray Yellow Owl Polka Dot Crib Set

3pc Baby Girl Boy Gray Yellow Owl Polka Dot Crib Set

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Top Features:

• Crib skirt and quilt included
• Crib sheet fits most standard crib mattress sizes
• Comfortable and gentle by being 100% cotton
• Machine washable

While this isn’t just a crib, it’s still a crib set, and it literally includes the most important basics that any new parent needs for building their nursery. Complete with a crib sheet, a quilt, and a crib skirt; there is not much more one need for their new baby’s bedroom if they’re on a lower budget. There is no shame in simplicity, either. Each piece of this set is machine washable and 100% cotton to guarantee that the sensitivity of your baby’s skin is a top priority, while still providing smooth comfort. The crib sheet fits virtually any standard crib mattress size for easier adaptability.

Delta Fold Away 3-in-1 Portable Crib – Natural by Delta Children

Delta Fold Away 3-in-1 Portable Crib

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Top Features:

• Classic, elegant appeal with handcrafted oak
• Sturdy at 89 lbs
• Easily foldable for simplistic storage and stowing
• Two position mattress included

Handcrafted oak makes for not only a gorgeous, modernized classic appeal on this crib but creates an incredibly sturdy piece of baby equipment. Weighing in at a durable eighty-nine lbs, know that your baby is safe and supported very well with this crib. When it’s time to disassemble and either graduate to a toddler bed or put it back in the closet when your grandchildren leave at the end of the weekend, simply fold this crib down into a slim form and store it in the closet until it’s needed again. The Delta Fold Away 3-in-1 Portable Crib also encompasses a mattress that has two different positions that can accommodate any fast growing baby by enabling him to remain safe even after he learns to stand and lean on the side of the crib.

Kids Line Animal Parade 9 Pc Crib Set

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Top Features:

• Includes numerous gorgeous accessories such as three pieces of wall art for lower price
• All pieces are entirely machine washable
• Stunning color scheme
• Adorable Jungle Friends theme

The Kids Line Animal Parade 9Pc Crib Set comes with two fitted crib sheets, one window valance, one gorgeous and hand-stitched quilt, a diaper stacker, and three pieces of plushy, cute wall art. This crib set also has a Jungle Friends theme to it. Each embroidered piece features vibrant blues, greens, orange tones, and shades of red that works well in any little boys’ nursery and also has the ability to mesh very well with any neutrally colored paint job such as beige, white, or brown in the nursery as well.


As we have talked about much earlier int his article, just because something is cheap, doesn’t mean that it isn’t a good and a product overflowing with many qualitative points. There are a plethora of reasons why a parent would go with a cheap baby crib rather than one that is top of the line only by brand. It truly all depends on what exactly you’re looking for your baby, and there are many different options that exist today for parents such as yourself. As we have also touched on previously in this article, even though it may be lower in price, it is still completely safety certified and durable. While it may not have the capability to grow with your child and turn into a toddler bed, it certainly does the proper job in the current moment, which is important for parents who are on a budget and who do want to save money. Cheap cribs are also a good thing for grandparents who simply just need something to get them through the weekend once a month or those who find themselves travelling often and need something that is able to go along for the trip. Cheap baby cribs are also something that stands out as a popular item among many families who have vacation houses. However, among the many different types of cribs or situations, there is one that stands out among the rest.

The clear winner here is the Delta Fold Away 3-in-1 Portable Crib by Delta Children. It’s slim and classic appeal on account of the sleek and stark handcrafted oak that comprises each and every part of this crib coupled with the fact that it is so sturdy at eighty-nine lbs, any parent, grandparent, or caregiver can know that their baby is safe and secure, even if they are at the age of standing and pulling themselves up with this one. No flipping, no moving—just sheer support. Go ahead and cut the extra expense for a separate mattress out with this crib. Parents do not have to go out and purchase a separate mattress as this crib also includes a very firm, up-to-standards baby mattress with it. Additionally, the crib features two different positions for you to lower or raise it into to adapt to your growing baby’s needs. Last but certainly not the last wonderful point about this crib is that after a few simple manoeuvres, it is completely ready to be stored away literally anywhere until it is time to reassemble again. Take pride in knowing that the assembly of this crib is an extremely simple task as well.

The Delta Fold Away 3-in-1 Portable Crib is something that every parent should go for to meet their basic crib needs. Between the look, the price, and the durability, there truly is no other plausible or more value packed choice in a baby crib.