Portable Crib Mattress Buyers Guide – What You Need To Know!

portable crib mattress

Two hundred years ago, if you were travelling with your infant, you would ask your host to provide you with a bottom dresser drawer cushioned with blankets for your infant to sleep in. It goes without saying that we’ve definitely come a long way since then as we now have portable crib mattresses that are so convenient and allow your child to have cushioning anytime and anywhere. Over the years, we’ve learned so much more about babies, their development, and the safety and comfort required in the sometimes exhausting, yet painstaking process of rearing them to the best of our abilities as parents. We probably wouldn’t think about it too much, but the portable crib mattress has also joined us on this quest to promote improved baby and toddler growth. Manufacturers of portable crib mattresses have been creating some of the most cutting-edge types of advancements in wetness protection, non-flammable assuredness, hypoallergenic materials, and comfort for your baby that’s just right.

I created this guide to go alongside the regular baby crib mattress guide, which covers more conventional aspects of mattress shopping. Hopefully, both guides help you on your mission.

Benefits of Having a Portable Crib Mattress

Babies and toddlers alike are so unpredictable. In those wonderful first years, there are so many times that we might find our son or daughter knocked out sprawled across the top of the open toy box or among the pots and pans on the kitchen floor. Often times, they might awake on the venture from wherever they fell asleep to their crib and may put up quite a fight about falling back asleep. The portable crib mattress alleviates that happening by enabling parents to quickly transport their child to the crib mattress with minimal disturbance as it can be placed virtually anywhere.

Moreover, these are convenient for travelling and overnight stays. We as parents understand that our babies might feel strange and put up a fight about being in a new environment. We all want our children to be as comfortable as possible in new places (or anywhere), and bringing their mattress with them may completely rid new environment anxiety as they can still have the same support from home. These are also an excellent, helpful aid in transitioning sleeping from a bassinet to snoozing independently in a crib by getting children used to the look and feel of sleeping on their own.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Portable Crib Mattress

First and foremost, parents always want to purchase a brand new portable crib mattress if possible. Outside of the obvious reasons- such as the possibility of contracting bacteria, bed bugs, or any other type of terrible inconvenience, the most important reason for this is those previously used ones may already be broken down. Too much indentation in the mattress can create a whole slew of problems ranging from incorrect support for quickly developing skeletal structures, all the way to SIDS. For extra safety precautions, parents should also ensure that the portable crib mattress that they purchase states on the label that it has passed ALL flammability tests. For your convenience, I would also recommend finding one that is waterproof and with a vinyl cover as we all know that messes can occur quite often. While many modern portable crib mattresses do have these traits, gain some reassurance by reading the label. Non-quality baby products may actually not carry those things and always be wary of that. Read through your product information and read through your manuals.

Tips on How to Choose the Best Portable Crib Mattress for Your Needs

I, without a doubt, will tell you that the most major staple that parents should be looking for. If the mattress feels amazing to you, it’s much too soft for your baby. As previously mentioned, babies need firm support, and the harder, the better. Take it back to your first skin-to-skin contact with your baby. Or perhaps think about it like the human body. It is squishy and comfy, but there is still an easily felt structured thing because of the dense bones under the surface of soft, squishy skin. This is exactly what babies and toddlers need. While we aren’t going to place our babies on slabs of wood here or have them sleep in drawers like they used to, they definitely do require that certain amount of hardness in their portable crib mattress.
I would also recommend that parents take heed to measure the size of their cribs and pack and plays. There are plenty of reasons for that, but parents can actually save money and time by purchasing a portable crib mattress that fits into the pack and play that they have, as well as the crib to eliminate any possible issues with newly walking legs or naptime fussing. Furthermore, a crib mattress that has an anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic covering would be a crucial bullet point to look for as we all know that allergies of all kinds in new humans can arise at any time.

Dream On Me 3″ Play Yard Mattress, White

Dream On Me 3 Play Yard Mattress

Click here to view product: http://amzn.to/2ggcyTi

Top Features:

  • In addition to cribs, this unit also fits into most Graco Pack N Plays
  • Waterproof lock-stitch design
  • Antibacterial and hypoallergenic
  • Supports up to 45 lbs
  • Passed all flammability, lead, and toxicity tests

This portable crib mattress comes with a unique, state of the art lock-stitch design on the vinyl covering that 100% guaranteed blocks any type of wetness from ever reaching the foam. This cuts out any possibility of mold, mildew, or other bacteria ever forming within the foam mattress that is nestled under the vinyl. The entire unit is completely hypoallergenic so you and your baby both can rest easy knowing that there will be no allergy triggers coming from this. No harsh chemicals were used in the production of this portable crib mattress as it has passed all flammability, lead, and toxicity tests, so it is incredibly safe as well. The Dream On Me Play Yard Mattress is also something that you can count on to stay around through all stages of infancy and toddlerhood as it supports up to 45 lbs. Last, but not least, upping the ante on convenience, this mattress also fits into most Graco brand Pack in Plays so you can feel a little better knowing that when your baby who is just learning to stand inevitably plops down, that she’s going to be met with a cloud-like cushioning.

Dream On Me Foam Pack and Play Mattress

dream on me foam pack and play mattress

Click here to view product: http://amzn.to/2gYsvf7

Top Features:

  • Anti-Bacterial, waterproof vinyl cover that wipes thoroughly clean
  • Certified Frustration-Free packaging and installation
  • Fits into most Graco Pack n Plays
  • Passed all nationally mandated flammability, toxicity, lead, and phthalate tests

Firm and sturdy foam sits tightly encased underneath anti-bacterial and completely waterproof vinyl covering that wipes clean every time. The Dream On Me Foam Pack and Play Mattress is designed to fit into most Graco Pack n Plays instead of cribs, but that simply makes it an excellent, cushiony addition to playing and learning time. Parenthood is one of the most stressful jobs on the planet- I know it all too well. However, this portable crib mattress has been certified as 100% frustration free in its’ packaging and installation, enabling parents to not only take a breath of relief and relaxation in knowing that, but they can get to playtime even quicker. This unit also passed all flammability, lead, toxicity, and phthalate tests, so it’s completely safe for your baby to play or sleep on.

Dream On Me 3 Portable Crib Mattress

Dream On Me 3 Portable Crib Mattress

Click here to view product: http://amzn.to/2h1oOpo

Top Features:

  • Fits all standard portable cribs
  • Handcrafted parts proudly made in the USA
  • One of the most lightweight portable crib mattresses weighing in at only 1.9 lbs!
  • Hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and passed all flammability, lead, toxicity, and phthalate tests
  • Waterproof

This is a unique portable crib mattress as it fits just about any movable type of crib available today. Seriously! Handcrafted right here in the homeland, know that this portable crib mattress will be able to withstand anything—especially the terrible twos—as the particular quality within it is unmatched and has been put together with incredibly careful regard. It’s so lightweight, it’s easily rolled up and taken along anywhere. Even your toddler could help out by carrying it for you as it is only 1.9 lbs! On top of that, The Dream on Me 3 Portable Crib Mattress is one of the leaders in mattress safety as the foam has been rigorously tested for all conditions and this unit certainly eliminates the common worry of SIDS or other bone support issues. On top of that, this portable crib mattress also went through just as many and just as rigorous different sets of flammability and toxic chemical tests. Completely hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, and best of all—guarded against every type of germ or allergy trigger.

My Personal Recommendation

I totally get it. Shopping for a portable crib mattress, no matter how excited you might be for your new little one, is definitely at the tip top of the Most Boring Things to Do list. Thankfully for you, we’ve taken on that task for you and have found through a multitude of trials and test runs with hundreds of different types of portable crib mattresses, these are, hands down, the very best three available for purchase to date. Whether you’re looking for something for your child to safely and comfortably play on or you’re travelling the world and want something convenient to take along for your child, all three of these mattresses are able to give you precisely what you need.

However, the portable crib mattress that I found to work best for my family and our little ones’ needs is most certainly the first one we’ve reviewed, which was the Dream On Me 3” Play Yard Mattress!

Let me tell you about the different reasons why I feel that way. First of all, I am in love with the fact that it not only can transition into my standard crib, but it can fit into my son’s Pack n Play as well. That way, whenever he decides that it’s nap time, he can just go to sleep. We don’t have to worry about him falling asleep on a hard or odd type of surface. Secondly, the lock-stitch design is imperative. Parenthood is filled with worries, and I don’t have to worry about wetness induced mold and mildew growth in the foam because of this. It really is an innovative technological advancement that gives me and my family peace of mind. Third, I love the fact that it can sustain up to 45 lbs. I know that I’ve made the right type of quality investment when I have a piece of baby equipment that will be able to stick around for a few years. In addition to that, it is durable in any circumstance—even fires. To expand on that; this portable crib mattress was not sprayed with any flame retardant chemical. It’s simply not flammable because of the natural properties of the materials that it is made out of.

Last but not least, the fact that it’s hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial makes me feel great as a mom. Our son is highly allergic to down feathers and certain types of polyester, and it provides such a feeling of peace for me to know that he is going to be completely ridden of any kind of allergy trigger while he’s asleep or playing.